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An image of an air humidifier to thwart off dry air.
Can Central Heating Dry Out Indoor Air?
Understanding how to properly set your central heating system is necessary to avoid any health risks for your beloved family.
A person enjoying a book and hot cocoa by the fireplace.
How to Keep Your Home Cozy During the Holiday Season
There are several ways to keep your home cozy for the winter without skyrocketing the heating bills. Explore the easy ways to efficiently stay warm.
Furnace Check
Where to Check Your Furnace When It Is Not Working Properly
During the cold season, nothing is worse than dealing with a faulty furnace. Learn more to see how you can get your furnace back up and running.
Home Furnace Tips
5 Preventative Furnace Checklist for the Holiday Season
Prevent an HVAC breakdown before the holiday season by prioritizing these five important tasks to look out for. Learn more at Master Mechanical!
Gas or Electric Heating
Do Heat Pumps Run On Electricity or Gas?
If you are considering buying a heat pump for your home, you may wonder if it can run on electricity or gas. Learn more details from our blog!
Home Heating Systems
3 Scary Noises Your Furnace Shouldn't Make
Nothing is scarier than your furnace rattling, screeching, and going boom in the night. Learn more about these sounds and how you can fix them.