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How Does Air Conditioning Work?
Nowadays, an AC is commonly used during the summer to keep homes and business premises cool. It is designed to work in the same way as your refrigerator.
Is Your Home Ready for Summer?
With summer right around the corner, you might think the only thing you need to do is open your pool and dive in. However, in addition to your annual spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for summer.
Repair Your Air Duct To Help Your AC Work
If you’ve noticed that your AC is not performing at its best, your air ducts could be to blame. At Master Mechanical, we want to help our customers keep their HVAC unit performing at its best.
Keep Your HVAC Unit Going Strong This Upcoming Summer

Summer HVAC Units

Summer is almost here, and while you are spring cleaning, think about how you can make sure your HVAC unit is working at peak performance. Most homeowners realize dirty or malfunctioning heating and air conditioning units are not working efficiently and increase the utility bills. Save money and hassles by making sure your unit is going strong and will keep your house at the optimum temperature this summer.

Spring Has Sprung: Reducing HVAC Allergies

Your HVAC Unit and Allergies

As the year draws closer to the spring season we should all be aware of the possible effects the HVAC system we are using can have on the problem of allergies and breathing issues. The arrival of spring means the damaging effects of the winter months on a property should be addressed by an HVAC professional capable of reducing the impact of the materials affecting our allergy and asthma symptoms. Among the materials causing issues with allergies are:

The Importance of Spring Maintenance

Do you need Spring Maintenance?

Keeping your heating and cooling system running its absolute best is crucial during seasonal weather changes. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system will ensure your system is operating as it should and will increase its lifespan and save you money as well.