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Air flowing from an air conditioner.

How to Improve the Airflow in Your Air Conditioner

Whenever the hot summer months come back, many rely on our home air conditioning systems to stay cold and happy. While these systems can be a lifesaver on those especially hot days, they can be expensive to run. Fortunately, you can help to keep your electricity bills within reason by improving the airflow throughout your existing air conditioning system.

How to Improve Airflow

One of the best places to start when it comes to enhancing the airflow in your air conditioning system is with your AC vents. Take the time to walk around every room of your home and ensure there's a good three-foot radius around each vent. If there is any debris, like dust, on the vent grates, be sure to clean it off.

One common issue that many homeowners forget about is their HVAC air filter. Your filter needs to be replaced every few months to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. You should check your filter at least once a month to see if it needs replacing. A dirty air filter can take your highly efficient air conditioning system and make it extremely inefficient.

As part of the most centralized home air conditioning systems, you'll have ductwork throughout your walls and floors. Over time, the natural process of expansion and contraction of the metal components of the system can cause joints to pull apart and leaks to occur. You should have a professional come in and fix leaks every five years and do a thorough cleaning of the inside of your ducting. This will help ensure that you're getting adequate airflow throughout your entire system and you're not losing any cold air through unwanted leaks.

How to Keep Your Home Cooler For Longer

While the sunlight can be nice for helping to wake up in the morning, it can also wreak havoc on the temperature inside of your home. In fact, any room in your home that receives direct sunlight through your windows and or doors can end up being about 15 degrees warmer than the other rooms of your home. Do yourself a favor, and use blinds or curtains to help block out the direct sunlight throughout the day.

Throughout the day, you want to ensure you're keeping all your doors and windows closed. Be sure to feel around each door and window to see if any air gaps need to be addressed. It's not uncommon for windows and doors to shift over time and allow unwanted warm air from the outside to seep into your home. By sealing those areas off, you can help to keep your cool air in.

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