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How to Set Your Thermostat for a Multi-Story Home
Setting your thermostat correctly can mean saving money on your next energy bill. Learn more on how to set your thermostat on a multi-level home.
Help! My HVAC Unit Is Making Popping Sounds
Help! My HVAC Unit Is Making Popping Sounds
If your HVAC unit if making popping sounds, it may pose a concern, or it may not at all. Learn more about the meanings behind these popping sounds.
Benefits of Covering Your A/C Unit After Summer
Covering your air conditioning unit comes with several benefits: protection from debris, theft, mold, and more. Learn more at Master Mechanical!
Can You Buy HVAC Parts Without a License?
DIY projects are an excellent way to learn new things and build stuff with your own hands. However, when it comes down to purchasing HVAC parts, please leave them to a licensed HVAC technician for repairs
Should You Run a Room Air Purifier or Ceiling Fan to Improve IAQ?
Contact us today to see how our indoor air quality solutions can improve your home's air and see how clean air makes a difference in your life.
How is Indoor Air Quality Measured?
Sometimes the air we breathe can be more dangerous than the air outside our house, making it essential to know how indoor air quality is measured.