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4 Major Causes of Low Indoor Air Quality
Poor indoor air quality is responsible for many physical problems. Some people are more sensitive to the repeated exposure of indoor air pollutants and can experience symptoms immediately.
How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?
The air filtration system within your HVAC setup is responsible for ridding the air of environmental debris before it is released back into your home and breathed in by its occupants. The standard recommendation surrounding air filters is to change them every 30-60 days, but that duration can vary depending on a large number of factors.
Benefits of Home Air Purifiers
Air purifiers are a common home appliance that works by using a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a filtration system. This filtration system works to remove airborne particles like bacteria, pollen, and dust that can be harmful to your health.
Repair Your Air Duct To Help Your AC Work
If you’ve noticed that your AC is not performing at its best, your air ducts could be to blame. At Master Mechanical, we want to help our customers keep their HVAC unit performing at its best.
Spring Has Sprung: Reducing HVAC Allergies

Your HVAC Unit and Allergies

As the year draws closer to the spring season we should all be aware of the possible effects the HVAC system we are using can have on the problem of allergies and breathing issues. The arrival of spring means the damaging effects of the winter months on a property should be addressed by an HVAC professional capable of reducing the impact of the materials affecting our allergy and asthma symptoms. Among the materials causing issues with allergies are:

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