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Where to Check Your Furnace When It Is Not Working Properly

What Should I Check When My Furnace is Not Working? (Master Mechanical)

When it comes to the wintertime chill, a home furnace is one of the best ways to beat it. While you may do your best to perform regular maintenance on your furnace, it can break down from time to time. Knowing the most common causes and how to fix them can help you get your furnace back up and running quickly.

Air Filter

If your furnace is on and it feels like little air is coming out of your ducting, it's time to check your air filter. When an air filter reaches the end of its lifespan, it will become clogged and full of debris. When this happens, it will heavily restrict the airflow through the filter and into your ducting. Simply replacing the dirty filter with a new one can easily solve this problem.

Dirty Ignition Sensor

If you hear your furnace start up but don't see it light, it could be a dirty flame sensor. It's best to open the access panel and watch your system run. Make sure you depress the door switch, as leaving it open will prevent your system from running. Once you hear your furnace click on, you should see your ignitor glow bright red.

If it doesn't ignite the gas, then it's likely that your ignition sensor is the problem. Turn off the gas and your HVAC system. Next, you'll want to locate the flame sensor and clean it with an emery pad. Reinstall it and see if that fixes your issue. If it doesn't, you'll likely want to call an HVAC professional to replace your faulty ignition sensor.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat is the brains behind your entire heating system. You should check over your settings to ensure that they're correct. If this is the first time you'll be running heat after using air conditioning all summer, you may have forgotten to switch from cool to heat mode. Ensure your temperature is at least a few degrees above the ambient room temperature.

Check for a Tripped Breaker

If you have constant power surges in your area, your furnace may have simply tripped its breaker. Head to your panel box and locate the breaker for your furnace. If it's tripped, switch it to the off position and back to the on position. This should solve the issue, and your furnace should start immediately.

Check Your Fuel Source

Another common reason your furnace may not run is that it doesn't have an adequate fuel supply. Check your fuel storage tank to ensure you don't run out of fuel. If you have natural gas, check to ensure your gas supply line is on at the meter.

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