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Summer HVAC Checklist

Summer HVAC Checklist

With the upcoming summer weather, the season of outdoor fun and worry-free living is amongst us. With things heating up outside, the last thing you want is for your HVAC system to take a turn for the worst. When your air conditioning system hasn’t been maintained for the summer season you could be looking at an uncomfortable hot home, costly repairs, and even water damage.

That is why it is ever so important to have a summer HVAC checklist so you can be sure your HVAC system won’t let you down this summer. Find out what to do to keep your air conditioning system maintained and ready for the hot weather below!

Turn On Your System Before The Heat

There’s nothing worse than an impending heat wave while your HVAC system isn’t running properly. So, make sure you test your air conditioner before the real heat of the season begins. You’ll want to turn on your system and test to see if it can cool your home down and maintain the temperature setting.

If you notice your system is struggling to run during this test be sure to call our HVAC professional who can help diagnose any problems.

Replace Air Filters Per Manufacturer’s Recommendation

Air filters are an important aspect of your indoor air conditioning system. Your HVAC system’s air filter works diligently to block dust and debris, both big and small, from entering your home’s airways. They come in many different makes and models, so you will want to be sure to have the right size for your air conditioner. Plus, depending on manufacturer recommendations air filters need to be changed out frequently with most being every 30 days.

When an air filter hasn’t been replaced, many problems with your system can arise like indoor water leakage. Contacting our HVAC professional will help you determine which size filter partners with your HVAC system.

Schedule Annual Maintenance Service

There are some small tasks you can do at home to help get your HVAC system ready for summer, like cleaning winter debris around the outdoor compressor, but other preventive procedures should be completed by an HVAC professional. A seasonal maintenance service will be performed by a professional to check your HVAC system’s mechanical and electrical components, system refrigerant charge, and cleanliness of parts.

Contact Us Today!

When you take the adequate steps to care for your air conditioning system, you can be sure to enjoy your summer season without any major breakdowns. So, be prepared this summer and call to schedule a service inspection with one of our highly trained HVAC professionals today!