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AC Covered in Ice

Should You Cover Your HVAC Unit During Winter?

Your HVAC unit is designed to tolerate a lot of hard work during each season. Once winter hits, it's perfectly safe to leave the unit uncovered no matter the conditions. However, your specific situation may require a bit more protection.

It's important to note that those who design and manufacture air conditioning units recommend leaving the unit uncovered. Air needs to move around the unit or you may struggle with moisture build-up and run the risk of mold. In addition, a cover can become a safe place for pests. Nesting materials and feces can build up in your A/C unit and may cause damage over time. Pests with a happy home beside your house will soon find their way into your house as well.

When Your A/C Unit Needs Protection

If there are trees close to your home that are at risk of dropping branches on the unit, it can help to get a cover for your unit to protect it from falling debris.

What About Dust?

Your A/C unit will collect some dust on the coils over time. However, the units are designed to tolerate rain, and rainfall will clear out this dust over the course of the cooler seasons. Moisture will also collect under a cover, and the trapping of moisture is generally a greater risk than a layer of dust that forms that can be washed away when the rain comes.

Installation Decisions

When it's time to repair, maintain or upgrade your HVAC unit, talk to your HVAC Professional about whether or not you need any form of cover. They may recommend a breathable cover to keep dust off the coils or even an awning to protect the unit from debris.

Customize Your Decision

While the units are designed to not need off-season coverage, your HVAC Professional may notice factors in your outdoor space that put the unit at risk. To avoid serious damage to a new unit or protect the one you have, review hazards in the area such as trees or the risk of hail to your A/C unit and plan accordingly.

We would be happy to help you assess your risks and make the right decision regarding the care and maintenance of your air conditioner. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment to clean and assess your A/C unit before summer arrives.

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