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Certified Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysts

From the National Comfort Institute

Because it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, carbon monoxide can be difficult to detect. That’s why your home and business should have a carbon monoxide detector. At Master Mechanical, we offer professional-grade carbon monoxide monitors that can alert you of the presence of deadly gas.

We carry the NSI 3000 carbon monoxide monitor, which provides protection to people of all ages and conditions. Because it can detect even low levels of carbon monoxide, you will know of any trace of the gas before it reaches dangerous levels.

Our certified and experienced technicians serve homes and businesses in southern Lake County, northern Cook County, and the northwest suburbs of Illinois. To learn more about the benefits of a carbon monoxide monitor, please contact us at 847-722-0000 or use our online form.

NSI 3000 carbon monoxide monitor