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HVAC: Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

A remodel gives you the opportunity to transform and personalize the place you call home. While there's much to love about an updated kitchen or bathroom and other things often included on home remodel to-do lists, don't forget about your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. As you explore the many possibilities of remodeling your home, here are some HVAC-related factors to consider.

The Size and Capacity of Your HVAC System

An HVAC system must be the right size for your home to maintain optimal efficiency and comfort. If your current system is too small, for instance, it has to work harder and run longer to reach the preferred temperature. On the other hand, a system that's too big for your indoor spaces cycles more frequently shortens its lifespan and increases your energy costs.

Even if your system is currently just the right size for your home, this may no longer be the case if your remodel includes room add-ons or expansions. At the very least, check in with an HVAC professional to determine if your system is in the right ballpark with capacity and size.

The Age and Efficiency of Your HVAC System

A home remodel comes with many long-term payoff potentials, one of which is an improvement in your home's overall value. However, you're not going to get the same return on your investment with an older and inefficient HVAC system. For instance, replacing an older heating or cooling system with one that's ENERGY STAR certified could shave around 20 percent or so off your HVAC-related bills.

You may even qualify for certain tax perks if your home remodel includes an HVAC upgrade. Also, just because an older HVAC system is still working, it may not be up to today's efficiency standards. Newer systems are designed to maximize efficiency while operating, which contributes to a much-appreciated long-term savings potential.

What's Going on with Your Ductwork

A spiffy new HVAC system that's incredibly energy efficient isn't going to be much of a good investment if there are issues with your ductwork. To maintain optimal airflow and efficiency, the ducts in your home need to be clean and clear. At a minimum, having your ducts cleaned and inspected while you're doing your remodeling work is a good idea. A post-project cleaning can also be beneficial since a home remodel often produces a lot of extra dust and debris.

If remodeling your home involves significant layout changes, your ductwork may also need to be adjusted. If you're adding a new space or room to your home, even if it's just a screened-in porch or expanded living room, new or expanded ducts may be needed. This is also true if your remodel includes a basement or attic makeover, especially if either of these spaces never had ductwork.

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