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Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

With temperatures surpassing 100 degrees Fahrenheit and higher during the hottest days of the summer, is it any wonder why your home energy bills skyrocket in June, July, and August? Your dependency on your air conditioner can take a sizable chunk of money out of your bank account. So, what do you do to beat the heat when temperatures reach triple digits? How do you justify using your A/C less when you actually need it more?

The following suggestions offer relief by keeping your home cool without depending on your air conditioner:

Invest in Blackout Shades

If there is anything that our HVAC professional recommends is the use of blinds or blackout shades as a natural cooling tool. Rather than be subjected to the sun’s hot rays all day by allowing windows to be exposed, close them during the hottest hours of the day which tends to be at 3 PM. If you make it a habit of closing the blackout shades after lunch, you’ll be rewarded with a cooler environment to enjoy.

Tip: A professional tip is to buy the heaviest, best-constructed, UV-friendly shades money can buy for longer use.

Make Your Fans Work Better for You

An incredibly effective way to prevent using your HVAC system when temps soar is to place a metal bowl full of ice in front of a fan. It helps disburse the moisture from the frozen cubes of water and makes for a very refreshing experience. A little extra cool moisture in the air helps combat humidity quickly.

Tip: Save the leftover water and refreeze it in an ice cube tray that you use specifically for cooling purposes.

Choose Moisture-Wicking Fabrics to Wear

Switching to cooler fabrics after the temperatures start to rise is ideal. It’s yet another way to avoid using the A/C in the home. You’ll want to look for fabrics that wick moisture well such as cotton and linen. They’re naturally cooling and easy to launder, too, which uses less electricity and heats up the home.

Tip: Try clothing on or do a touch test to see how it feels when brushed against your skin so you won’t be stuck with a stiffer fabric than you like.

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Beat the summer heat without breaking the bank this year. There are things you can do to cool down without relying heavily on your air conditioner. For additional suggestions on ways to lower your utility bills, contact us at (847) 796-6665 as we’re well-acquainted with HVAC systems of all types. Master Mechanical is your friendly neighbor HVAC professional willing to help you get more out you’re A/C unit.