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Efficiently Use Your Air Conditioner

How to Efficiently Use Your Air Conditioner

Central air conditioning is easy to use, but are your habits helping or hindering your system? Using your air conditioner efficiently will help you save money, prevent breakdowns and ensure your system stays running like new for as long as possible. These helpful tips will give you the basic knowledge you need to protect your HVAC from undue harm or strain.

Schedule Maintenance at the Right Time

Annual HVAC maintenance should always be a part of your schedule. Ideally, you should have a professional come in and check your system once in early fall and again in early spring, just before you switch from heat to air conditioning and back again. This will give you time to repair anything that needs to be fixed.

Avoid Touching Your Thermostat

Most home thermostats don't need to go below 75 degrees. You may prefer your house a bit cooler, but avoid dropping the thermostat below 68 if you don't want your air conditioner to run constantly. An efficient air conditioner will cool your home and help it maintain a comfortable temperature. If you set your thermostat too low, your system will be placed under a heavy strain and cost you more each month.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Away From the Sun

Direct sunlight can damage your air conditioning system. You may not be able to move your system's central unit, but you can do some mindful landscaping to keep the outdoor box protected. By providing some shade from the harsh sun, you can help keep your air conditioner from overheating.

Keeping sunlight directly off of your home's exterior can also reduce your energy bill; the less heat that enters your home, the less you'll have to run your air conditioner.

Avoid planting any shrubs or trees within 3 feet of the system as this can cause branches and leaves to get caught in the motor. A safe distance will also ensure your system is always able to be accessed by an HVAC professional.

Protect Your Windows

Most heat loss occurs through windows, which can cause a system to run far more than necessary. In both the winter and summer, it can also lead to unbalanced temperatures throughout the home, disrupting your comfort and causing you to run your system more in an attempt to restore equilibrium.

Weatherstripping kits and insulated window treatments can keep your home cooler during the summer by keeping the hot air outdoors and your cool air inside where it belongs.

For any of your air conditioning repair and installation needs, call us at Master Mechanical today to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional.

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