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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Changing Your Air Filter

The air filtration system within your HVAC setup is responsible for ridding the air of environmental debris before it is released back into your home and breathed in by its occupants. The standard recommendation surrounding air filters is to change them every 30-60 days, but that duration can vary depending on a large number of factors. Once you've deciphered the rate in which your air filter should be serviced or replaced, you can mark your calendar to ensure that your HVAC system's air filter is always producing high-quality air.

Single Occupant Homes

If you live on your own without any pets or allergies, you can typically get away with changing your filter every six to twelve months. The amount of debris that is collected by the filtration system dramatically reduces when there is just a single occupant inhabiting the space. This recommendation also applies for vacation homes that only have occasional dwellers. Air pollution runs parallel to the amount of residents in a home, so as the occupant number rises, so does the number of times an air filter should be changed.

Homes with Pets

If your humble abode is home to a cat, dog, or other domesticated animal, we suggest swapping out your air filter every sixty days. Animals tend to shed fur and hair on a consistent basis which can get caught up in your HVAC system's air filter overtime. This dander buildup tends to increase with every animal added to the household, so be sure to check it consistently to ensure that it is in clean, working condition.

Individuals with Allergies

If someone in the home suffers from allergies, the frequency in which an air filter is changed increases quite a bit. It is recommended to change air filters every 20-45 days if someone in the household sufferers from allergies. Since this is somewhat of a broad recommendation, take the time to check the filtration system at the 20 day mark in order to see how much debris has accumulated during that time period. This should give you a more general idea pertaining to how often yours air filter should be changed.

The frequency in which your air conditioner's air filter should be changed also depends on factors such as the air pollution in the surrounding area, and if any construction is being done around the home. Even with these factors considered, the general guidelines provided should give you an idea of how often your air filter will need to be checked or replaced. If you find that replacing the air filter does not produce the clean, high-quality air that you were hoping for, our team of HVAC professionals at Master Mechanical can help with any of your filtration needs.

Call Master Mechanical at (847) 796-6665 to schedule an in-home inspection of your filters.

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