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Can Air Conditioners Pull In Fresh Air From Outside

No, an air conditioner does not bring fresh air from outside to the inside of your home. While part of your system may be located outside, if you have a split system, this does not mean it uses the outside air. The primary purpose of your system is not cooling the air; it's to move the unwanted heat out of your air.

Removing Unwanted Humidity

To get rid of the heat from your home, the air conditioning pumps it outside with the heat pump. It can operate in either direction. It will move heat outside during the hot summer months, and then it will move it inside during the winter. The compressor of the air conditioning system will suck the warm air out of your home, using a refrigerant to help. The refrigerant helps to make this heat exchange possible to cool your home.

Keeping The Air Cool

This process is known as the refrigeration cycle. The heat exchanger will undergo a series of changes, including state, pressure, and temperature, to remove the heat from your home. This happens in four different stages. The refrigerant absorbs heat, the refrigerant gets hot, the heat from the house is then transferred outside, and the final step is that the refrigerant gets cold and is distributed throughout the house.

Air Changes

As the refrigerant comes back into the house, it passes through a valve into the evaporator. The evaporator is kept at a low pressure, allowing the refrigerant to expand quickly. This process allows the refrigerant to become very cold. The fan then blows air on this cooled refrigerant, distributing it through the ductwork of your home. After the refrigerant has cooled, it goes back into the condenser, starting the cycle again.

Do I Need Additional Ventilation?

In some cases, you may need additional ventilation for your home to cool properly. This will help reduce your cooling needs, improve indoor air quality, and lower utility bills. The ventilation you will need will depend on your comfort needs, your family's overall health, the age of your home, and how it is constructed. It is important to allow an HVAC professional to determine what you need for ventilation purposes.

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