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Home Air Purifier

Benefits of Home Air Purifiers

Comfort with Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a common home appliance that works by using a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a filtration system. This filtration system works to remove airborne particles like bacteria, pollen, and dust that can be harmful to your health. Once the harmful particles are removed, the air is then circulated back into your home. While the air purifier is running, this air filtration and circulation process happens over and over again. Here are some of the benefits of air purifiers:

Clean Home Air

Ask any HVAC professional why you should be utilizing an air purifier in your home and they'll tell you so that you and your family can breathe clean air. The EPA has actually stated that home air is two to five times dirtier than the air outdoors. Do you really want to have your family breathing in that dirty air? Probably not, which is why an air purifier is a must have to cleanse the air in your home.

Reduce Home Odors

When it comes to getting rid of odors in your home, an air purifier is one genius way to do so. Due to the natural filtration system of these units, the unpleasant odors can be eliminated and fresh air circulated back into your home. This is one of the major reasons that HVAC companies will recommend using an air purifier after your basement has been flooded to get rid of the musky smell.

Reduce Allergens In Your Home

When summertime rolls around, allergies tend to act up. If you or your loved ones tend to have bad allergies, your home could be a hotbed making them even worse. Contaminants like pollen can get trapped inside of your home. When it's not taken care of, your allergies can act up worse at home than when outside of your home. An air purifier is the recommended solution of any HVAC professional to get rid of those unwanted airborne contaminants. The filtration system inside of the air purifier will trap the loose pollen and other toxins while letting the clean air pass through to recirculate in your home.

Stop Sickness From Spreading

Air purifiers are recommended to be used all year long by HVAC companies. This is because they can help to trap unhealthy bacteria, like germs. When your family member gets sick, an air purifier can come to your rescue by trapping the sickness germs. This means a decreased likelihood of you getting sick. Using HEPA air purifiers will help to neutralize about 99.97 percent of all airborne germs.

If you don't currently have a home air purifier, we hope that you'll be reconsidering that decision. The above are just some of the many benefits that you and your family can receive from having a home air purifier installed. Be sure to call us at (847) 796-6665 or schedule your service online today to get help with your home air purifier installation.