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Gas or Electric Heating

Do Heat Pumps Run On Electricity or Gas?

Most heat pumps used in the United States are electric. In fact, electric heat pumps are incredibly cost-effective. Plus, they work well in warmer parts of the country - often as the primary source of indoor comfort in both summer and winter. This being stated, there are times when an auxiliary backup source is needed for a heat pump, which is usually a gas furnace. Read on to learn more about heat pumps and what makes them run fuel-wise.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work very similarly to what happens with your home's fridge or your air conditioning unit. A heat pump transfers heat to make your indoor spaces more comfy and cozy. This is done with a compressor and refrigerant. A heat pump sits outside like an air conditioner and transfers heat by using high pressures to compress the refrigerant. The heated or cooled air is transferred to the various rooms in your home.

When Is a Backup Source of Fuel Needed?

All heat pumps become less efficient when temperatures dip below freezing. If you live in an area where winter can get bitter cold, you likely have a heat pump that uses your gas furnace as a backup source of fuel. This improves your system's overall efficiency when it's too cold for your heat pump to work as efficiently as it normally does.

While it may seem like having two sources of fuel would make your expenses higher, the added efficiency does give you some extra savings. Plus, you'll appreciate the extra warmth when it's cold outside. Incidentally, a heat pump can also be connected to an electric furnace if a backup fuel source is needed and you don't have a gas furnace.

Heat Pump Benefits

It's also common to use a heat pump with an air conditioner for added comfort in the summer. Ideally, however, it's better to rely solely on a heat pump if your local climate allows this to be a possibility. Running a furnace in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer leaves some room for inefficiency. However, a heat pump can also supplement what you're currently using. A heat pump's main benefit is providing consistent indoor comfort without too much added cost.

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