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Air Conditioning Maintenance

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

The summer season is quickly approaching, and you need to rely on your air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable. Your HVAC unit can be put under a lot of strain and cause your electric bill to go through the roof! Here are five effective ways to keep your home cool without relying too much on your air conditioner.

Use Blinds or Drapes

Using blinds or drapes is an excellent method to keep your home cool. Your HVAC unit won’t need to continuously run to keep your home cooled on the inside. As the sun starts to go down, you can open up the blinds for some natural light to come into the house.

Use a Smart Thermostat

An adjustable thermostat can save you buckets of money during warmer months. According to, you can set your air conditioning unit to a higher temperature when you are away from home during the day. You can also set it to a little bit higher temperature while you sleep. The less work that your HVAC unit has to do means more money in your pocket. Many thermostats have applications that allow you to control your HVAC unit from your phone.


Insulation is not only used to keep your home warm during the winter. Added layers of insulation is a cost-effective idea to keep your house comfortable. Extra insulation between the walls may also be a consideration depending on the area you live in.

Opening Your Windows

The early mornings and evenings are an ideal time to open your windows and give your air conditioning unit a break. Nothing is more relaxing than the cool summer breeze coming through your windows.

Cook Outside

Use your grill outdoors as much as you can! The oven and stove top can generate a lot of extra heat in your home, and your air conditioning will have to work a lot harder. If this is not an option, cook during cooler times of the day. It will be nice to have your meals prepared for the day ahead!

As you prepare for the warmer temperatures ahead, remember to contact an HVAC professional at Master Mechanical for routine maintenance. The tips above coupled with an efficient air conditioning unit will help you beat the summer heat!

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