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Myths About HVAC Services

5 Myths About HVAC Services

HVAC system installations are a crucial investment for any home. Due to the money spent installing the system, there is a need to carry out constant maintenance and repairs if you observe a change in operation. There are misconceptions surrounding HVAC systems' use, and these opinions can be confusing to homeowners. Below we discuss five myths, and learn the truth about them:

Myth: HVAC filters should be replaced only once a year

Fact: Air filters play an essential role in keeping out contaminating elements from the air. When the contaminants accumulate, the HVAC system gets clogged, affecting clean airflow into the house. A filter should be replaced at least every six months for a properly working HVAC system. In case you notice that your system is not efficiently cleaning the air, ensure to replace the filters or to replace the system.

Myth: You should only carry out maintenance when your system is broken

Fact: Like other systems around the home, you should not wait for the HVAC system to break down to get maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures the system is always operating optimally. Waiting for an HVAC system to break down can mean paying a hefty price to have it back in operation, which can be avoided by incurring small maintenance expenses.

Myth: The bigger the HVAC system, the better for your house

Fact: An oversize HVAC system leads to higher utility costs due to its constant cycling from on and off. Oversize systems also find it hard to eliminate excess humidity because the water fails to condense in the coils. You should consult professional HVAC contractors, who will determine the appropriate HVAC system for your house.

Myth: Turn down the thermostat to cool your home

Fact: HVAC systems are made to operate by turning them on or off. When you turn down the system's thermostat to cool the house, the machine is forced to work longer than required. In case your system is unable to cool your home automatically, it is time to seek maintenance services and check for faulty parts and air leaks.

Myth: The HVAC system should stay covered in winter

Fact: HVAC systems are made to endure harsh climatic conditions, such as rain, snow, and high temperatures. Covering your system will put it in considerable risk when rodents use the covered area as a warm hideout. These rodents can cause severe damage to wires and rubber covers. An enclosed HVAC system also attracts moisture accumulation, which can lead to destructive mold.

Now that you are informed of HVAC systems' care, you will notice an improvement in your system's efficiency. In case you need your HVAC system checked and maintained, call us today, and our technicians will take care of your HVAC needs.

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