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Oct 12

Schedule Your Fall Furnace Safety Inspection

Posted by Tom Barrett on Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall is the Time for Scheduling Annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Winter is approaching. Temperatures are dropping at night, there’s frost on the pumpkin, and the snow might fall any day now In the severe weather months, a properly operating HVAC safety is crucial to household safety as well as a warm, comfortable home. When you take preventative maintenance measures including an annual inspection, you prolong the life of your HVAC system and decrease the risk of a “no heat” emergency heating repair service call in the dead of winter.

You Won’t Be Left Out in the Cold This Winter If You Schedule Your HVAC System Safety and Maintenance Tune-Up Now

Just as you would not operate your car for years without regular maintenance checks and safety inspections, your HVAC system also needs routine safety and maintenance inspections for optimal performance, safety, and energy efficiency. And just as prolonging maintenance checks on your automobile may result in expensive repair work when there is a problem, the same is true for heating repairs on a HVAC system. 

 A properly tuned, fully functioning HVAC system not only provides peace of mind by reducing safety concerns like house fires, it provides other benefits including:

  • Improved indoor air quality 
  • Fewer health concerns like allergies and asthma attacks 
  • Lower utility bills 
  • Greater fuel efficiency resulting in home energy savings 
  • Reduced risk of undetected carbon monoxide leaks 
  • Greater energy savings due to peak performance operation 
  • Reduced chance of component failures 
  • Decreased risk of HVAC system failures 
  • Diminished need for costly emergency heating repair service 

Most reputable HVAC contractors have HVAC preventive maintenance services that include a routine annual maintenance tune up and safety inspection. Master Mechanical Heating and Cooling has a 16-point preventative maintenance annual tune up that includes the following HVAC services:

  • Check belts
  • Check burners
  • Check flue
  • Check air filters
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check ignition 
  • Check thermostat 
  • Check and clean flame sensor
  • Inspect electrical components 
  • Inspect electrical wiring 
  • Check blower motor amps 
  • Lubricate blower motor 
  • Inspect drain 
  • Vacuum furnace 
  • Check dampers/no balancing 
  • Check overall efficiency 

 A clean, properly tuned HVAC system saves you money and reduces the risk of a furnace failure. Compared with the price of a new HVAC system or an emergency heating repair service call, annual maintenance service fees are inexpensive. Keep your HVAC system in optimal shape for the winter by calling an HVAC contractor like the professionals at Master Mechanical Heating and Cooling. Call (847) 722-0000 now to schedule your annual maintenance tune up and safety inspection and keep the winter cold outdoors, where it belongs.